Our incas friends

Discover the SECRET of Mozart, Einstein and Tesla, with the help of the ascended INCAS,

who are coming to guide their brothers and sisters, the HUMANITY, towards their own ASCENSION

DO YOU KNOW about this INCA civilization, who has ASCENDED?

There are VESTIGES, of this civilization, in MACHU PICHU in Peru.

It is a place of visits, for TOURISTS.


THIS BOOK: LA DÉLIVRANCE par le SOLEIL, was written, by three representatives of this civilization, with the collaboration of Nathalie Chintanavich, Medium and published by ARIANE ÉDITIONS. In 2004.

Here are the names of these three Representatives: FLEX, CHANDRA, HILDON.

On the cover, we can read: the return of the Star Brothers, of the Inca civilization.

 At the BACK OF THE BOOK, one can read the following:

 This book has the honor, to present the written information’s, transmitted by the ascended civilization of INCAS.

The civilization of the past, present today, to guide the HUMANITY’S future, in order to HELP them, of what we call the ASCENSION.


NOTE: As you have seen, there is plenty about DIVINITY in this book.

IN THE BIBLE, Jesus also spoke to his disciples and said:

“Be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect.” It means that in his disciples, in all the beings who approached him, Jesus saw the image of the heavenly Father, he saw the Divinity; and it was to this Divinity in them, that he addressed himself, since he showed them the way to perfection.