Become a genius

IF YOU REALLY LIVE YOUR PRESENT MOMENT, expect MAXIMUM ADVICE from your DIVINITY, in all AREAS of your LIFE. A REAL GIFT FROM HEAVEN. It’s up to you to experience it.

A THEORY is worthless, without PRACTICE.

BELIEVE IT OR NOT, your LIFE will never be the same again.

Can you understand how Mozart, Einstein, and Tesla have become genius, if not by connecting to their divinity!!!



What are we waiting for to decide to let our divinity runs our life ????

When will you decide to go and sit on the rear bench of you physical vehicule ? (its  a way of speaking)

Would you like to try to pass on the steering wheel into the hands of your divinity, who is waiting for your call since birth ???

She is ready to enter in action, but she needs your authorization.

Why don.’t you try to contact her in the following matter ???

Dear divinity, I wish that your will be done now, in all aspects of my being.

Please guide me, show me the way, so I will always be at all time with the right people, at the right moment

Always doing what is best for me

Or you could decide to use this other formula :

Dear divinity I wish that your will be done today in all aspects of my being, guide me, help me to see clear on the road of my life. Help me to live my instant present 100%, because this present moment is where you wait for me.

This divinity has put forward, her own requirements; she asks us to live every present moment, without criticizing, without judging, without condemning anyone or anything, in order to allow her to work inside of us, in all liberty or freedom.

And Mary-virgin Mary, always ready to help us, invites us to live the 4 pillars of the heart :

Simplicity-humility- transparence-childhood 

Why do you think she added the word chilhood ??

Remember a word from jesus; he said one day in the presence of his disciples; « Having taken a child on his laps, unless you become like this little child, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven. »

Are you able to understand that the kingdom of heaven is first and foremost a state of being, a state of mind, where everyone can live here and now a happy life. Of love, of sharing, of heath and of abundance.

The messenger does not matter, what counts is the message.

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